I Want a Cool Accent, Too

Wow – I am so lucky to be spending an entire semester in this wonderful city! I have met so many amazing people from all over the world – The Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Sweden, Canada, etc. Surprisingly, being an American, I am a minority. I believe there are roughly 500 students studying abroad here at City U and I have met maybe five that are from the US, and that’s being generous. All of my new friends have such cool accents – can I have one too?!

The past few days have been a whirlwind of orientations, day trips, trying new food, and more! Today, we spend the day on Lantau Island. 45 of us boarded a bus and visited the Big Buddha and a local fish market on a river. It was all so peaceful and beautiful. The views were breathtaking. We also ate lunch at a local vegetarian restaurant – quite an experience. I love Chinese food, but I am already missing the substance American foods offer.

Tomorrow we have our final day of orientation. We have a traditional dim sum lunch at a local restaurant, followed by games with other exchange students. My biggest struggle thus far has been connecting to wi-fi (I still have yet to purchase a router because its somewhat far off campus) and going to sleep/waking up alone. My hall is very quiet since the locals are still home for break. My roommate and suitemates are also still at home. I am eager to meet them and for the hall to be filled with activity. Each morning I wake up excited to see my new friends. So far, I am loving HK! I can’t wait to tell you about my crazy weekend ahead – we already have nightclub plans…

Tata for now!


3 thoughts on “I Want a Cool Accent, Too

  1. Taylor, Iam so proud of you! Glad you arrived safely! I’s a wonderful world out there and you are going to
    experience it first hand!! Keep us informed, we are all most interested. It’s freezing here!!!!!! Lindy xo

  2. Taylor – Am enjoying reading about your adventures! Love the fact that you have (not just stepped, but) leapt “out of the bubble” and are embracing this opportunity for all its worth! Miss you tons and can’t wait to see you in February. P.S. Hershey has taken over your bed 🙂 XOXOX, Mom

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