Day 5: Hiking

After a rough day of pampering yesterday (the girls and I ventured to Hong Kong Island for massages and manicures – all for $30!!), we decided to get active. Today was such a blast! I think the girls and I discovered heaven. Last night we had a fun night out at Red bar and LKF. Today was our first sunny day and we all wanted to enjoy it by hiking. We found a great trail and ventured out on the MTR, then the bus to get there. When we arrived we were amazed at how truly beautiful the views were! We climbed higher and higher and it just kept getting better. We were hiking through what seemed like a jungle and every so often we’d emerge and see the breathtaking views of the sea. These were the views that you dream about and see in movies. Who knew HK could offer so much – city life, great club scenes, amazing hiking trails, nice people, and beautiful scenery. Tonight we’re getting dressed up to go out to a fancy dinner at a yummy sushi restaurant on the island (complete with fruity cocktails, of course), then we’ll head out for another night on the town. Be sure to check out the “Pics on Pics on Pics” tab for more on my adventures.


One thought on “Day 5: Hiking

  1. Sounds like you’re havin a blast! I love readin up on all your juicy Hong Kong updates, so keep em comin. And you were probably in love at that sushi restaurant. Also, can the U.S. please learn a thing or two from China and provide $30 manis and messages?! Anyways, miss ya perv! We’ll viber soon.

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