Wine, Cheese, Grapes, Nuts and Lots of Flights!

The girls (Neila – Sweden, Hedvig – Sweden, Virginie – Canada, Clara – UK, Denize – Sweden, Maureen – The Netherlands, Lindsey – The US) and I are finally getting focused, but with wine and cheese, of course! We’re currently sitting in my floor’s common room attempting to book flights and hotels for the many trips we’d like to take this semester. On our list: Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Beijing, Macau, and Taiwan. We’re certainly ambitious, but we’re hoping to squeeze it all in – we’re already feeling pressed for time! The semester is going to fly by way to quickly and we can already feel it.

This week has been a blast! Monday we went to Billy Boozer’s, a local club that City U and surrounding university students visit. Then, Tuesday the girls and I went to Tequila Jack’s for delicious frozen margaritas and cheap tacos. Last night we went to the Happy Valley horse races, then out to the bars in Wan Chai for ladies nights. Thursday is usually dedicated to ladies night in LKF (Lan Kwai Fong – google it!), an area of town with bars that people just wander in and out of, along with Friday and Saturday nights. On Sunday we’re looking forward to a relaxing night of more wine and popcorn, while snuggling up watching Wolf Of Wall Street! Week 2 is definitely a success!

Oh and a quick update on the first week of school: it’s the equivalent of kindergarten…let’s just say it’s not something to worry about. I’m enrolled in Japanese Management, The Japanese Way of Tea, Team Leadership and Management, Data Management, and Supply Chain Management and Logistics Analysis…yahoo!  I have a group project in every course and my first team meeting consisted of babysitting, including showing my teammates pictures of my life at IU and them asking questions about my boyfriend and how we do long distance so well. The students here are incredibly nice and so friendly though! I feel lucky to be studying along side them, regardless of how easy the courses are. The projects shouldn’t be too hard and I have plenty of free time here, so I’m looking forward to taking advantage of all the things HK and this side of the world have to offer!


One thought on “Wine, Cheese, Grapes, Nuts and Lots of Flights!

  1. Taylor: enjoying your updates…the two places that impressed me on my FAM trip to China were 1. the Great Wall, climbing it & seeing how it was built and views from it..and 2. The Terra Cotta Warriors– an army unearthed… perhaps you already have plans for these, both are incredible! so proud of you! Love, Grandma Carol …On Thu, 16 Jan 2014 14:41:54 +0000

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