Weekend Excursions

Yesterday a few of us took a ferry to Lamma Island. We hiked around and saw lots of local seafood restaurants. It’s a quiet island that doesn’t offer much, but the views were decent. About halfway through we discovered a small beach – it was heaven! Us girls sat in the sand sipping on beer watching the sunset, while the guys threw the rugby ball around. Two guys not in our program even started hitting on us…nice guys, but boy did we shoot them down quick! We then had dinner at a seafood restaurant, which wasn’t so great, but oh well. At least the views from the ferry ride home were pretty.

We returned to campus and decided to salvage the night by going to a rooftop bar. We took the MTR to the top of the Penninsula hotel, then hit the top of the Sheraton for breathtaking views of the skyline. We all had great cheeses, fruity cocktails and tons of girl talk. It was my most favorite night thus far with such a perfect view of the city and close friends.

Today a few of us went to the Ladies Market in Mong Kok. I spent about $150 US and got a pair of shoes and 3 knock-off purses and a wallet…success! It’s week 2 and my none of this will fit in my suitcase…awesome?! Tonight we’re heading out for dinner and a movie – should be fun! I am having such a great time abroad and it’s hard to believe I’ve been here only two weeks, we’ve done so much! There is still a ton to look forward to – like Vietnam in a week and a half with Mom and Fisher – can’t wait for what’s next!


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