Week 3

Another successful week here in HK! The girls at I hit up the usual: Billy Boozer’s on Monday, Tequila Jack’s on Tuesday, Happy Valley horse races and Wan Chai clubs on Wednesday, rooftop bars/clubs/sightseeing Thursday-Sunday. It was a fun week! Yesterday we “got a lay of the land” as Mom and Fisher say…we were total tourists and took a bus tour of Kowloon Island and Hong Kong Island. It was great to see so much! We also had already seen a lot of it or had plans to see most of the stops so at least we’re doing the right things. Today, we went to Hong Kong Park. We each picked out a cheese, along with some bread and grapes and had a small picnic there. It was a beautiful morning – so nice and sunny, but it got foggy this afternoon so we decided to head home. Tonight we’ll watch a movie and chill at the residences. Less than a week until I am in Vietnam!


One thought on “Week 3

  1. Kowloon! THAT was where I went to have a couple of business suits made custom made for me in less than 2 days when I visited Hong Kong. Thank you for refreshing my memory! Will you be in Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year? If so, how exciting is THAT?! Lovin’ the pics!

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