Do We Get An “I Survived Macau” Shirt?

Wow, last night was crazy! Have you even seen the Hangover movies? If so, that pretty much describes the events that unfolded last night…

Three of my close girlfriends and I decided to get a suite in Macau, the Las Vegas of this side of the world, with roughly 30 other students from schools across Hong Kong. We stayed in a super nice room complete with a beautiful view of Macau and, of course, a hot tub in the middle of the room…obviously necessary. Macau is a short ferry ride away from Hong Kong and you don’t need  a visa, so it’s an easy overnight trip. The girls and our close guy friends from Sweden and Germany left City U around 4pm for the ferry. We headed to the terminal, arriving there by 5pm, but learned the next boat wouldn’t leave until 6pm. We were determined to get there faster to enjoy that hot tub! So, we took a short taxi ride to the next port only to learn that ferry didn’t leave until 6:45pm. As a result, we ended up starting the drinking a little earlier than expected in a McDonald’s – always classy, but they had frozen cokes so I was more than okay with the wait. Finally, we hopped on the hour-long ferry ride and made it to our hotel, The Banyan Tree, by 8:15pm. The two girls hosting us weren’t ready for us quite yet, so the girls and I took over one of the many hotel’s bathroom and began getting ready. We literally transformed and it was funny to come out of the bathroom later and see the guy’s faces – “Wow! What’d you do in that 30 minutes?! How’d that happen?” were the looks they were giving us. We finally headed up to the room and were excited to learn that we were the first ones to arrive. We were like little kids in Disney World, eager to check out every inch of the suite. As people started arriving, the party got going. It was so much fun to meet other students from around Hong Kong, many of which don’t attend City U with us. We spent hours listening to music, dancing, drinking, and talking with everyone. Then, around 1am we decided to head to Club Cubic, easily one of the best clubs I have ever been to! The music was incredible and we all took over the area right in front of the stage while we danced all night. Finally at 6am we headed back. But, of course we had to hit the casino on our way. I played one round in the slot machines and turned $10HK into $35HK (roughly a solid $4 win..booyah!) After Phillip and Clara lost $50HK on a quick game of roulette, we went back to the suite only to find it in shambles – water everywhere, bottles everywhere, doors off the jams, people sleeping wherever they could (if they had even made their way back yet), and the list goes on. The after-math was truly something to be proud of, so we did what anyone would do, we put on our swim suits and finally enjoyed the hot tub 🙂 By 8am we were all getting hungry and restaurants were finally starting to open. So, we threw on some clothes and headed for McDonald’s…again…I’m slowly learning that people from all over the world truly worship McD’s (I, for one, do not particularly enjoy it, but hey, gotta go with the flow). We enjoyed delightful Egg McMuffins, then back to the suite to collect our things. Check-out was at noon and my friends and I were on a mission to be no where near that suite when that time came. So, we headed to the pool lounge chairs with all of our bags to finally get some shut-eye. We slept for about two hours before being woken up by the hotel staff telling us we shouldn’t be there, but they’ll let us sleep for a few more hours before we had to leave. Fine by us – we were just desperate to get some rest after our night. Around 11:30am I decided it was time to make the voyage home. The adventure back to City U was nothing short of hilarious with Lindsey looking more like a homeless person than a tourist. She featured pajama boxer shorts, a long sleeve shirt, a blanket that doubled as a cacoon, and massive sunglasses to hide the effects of last night. Clara was rocking an outfit that resembled last night’s attire and Maureen was sporting some great temple pants from Thailand and her usual black Vans. I somehow managed to throw on a sundress to give off the illusion that my life was together (it clearly wasn’t). We took the bus to the ferry port, the hour long ferry, and the MTR home. Finally, we arrived in our beds around 3pm. All of us were exhausted! Now, I’m awake and reflecting on the events of truly one of the best nights of my life. Macau was good to us – it chewed us up and spit us out, but it was everything we hoped it would be and more!


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