A Spot Of Tea

This afternoon the girls and I went to the W Hotel for their afternoon tea buffet. It was delicious! For about $40USD you can enjoy tea and all you can eat small bites and desserts while overlooking the beautiful HK skyline for 2 hours. Afternoon tea has been at the top of our list of things to do for a while now and it definitely exceeded our expectations! Up next, we hope to go to Ozone, The Ritz Carlton’s bar and the highest bar in the world.

This past week was fairly quiet since everyone had presentations and midterms. I started off the week with a presentation in Team Leadership and Management. My team presented on the poor practices of Foxconn and I think we did well. On Thursday, I encountered my first exam at City U, a quiz in Japanese Way of Tea. I studied hard and was definitely prepared, but the professors made it unnecessarily hard. They said we would have one easy quiz and one hard quiz…I guess they threw us the hard one first…at least it’s over and is only worth 15% of my grade. On Friday we all headed out to a delicious dinner at 85 South, which was recommended by “Sassy Hong Kong,” a blog we rely on for survival advice in HK. It featured traditional American Southern food in a cool, hole-in-the-wall location. They had great music, a fun crowd, and chill atmosphere. It was obviously a go-to place for ex-pats. After dinner we walked to Soho, another fun area for ex-pats, but a little more pricey. The girls and I found a sports bar with happy hour until 9pm so we snuck in 2 quick rounds of drinks before it ended. They threw us some fast balls with the drinks and we were chatting and laughing all night about our love life, how we met, our high school experiences, etc. It was a blast! I’ve truly enjoyed meeting so many people from all over the world that are so similar to me. I continue to feel lucky to be here and we are already getting sad that our time in HK is half over. None of us can imagine leaving each other and heading back to our home countries. But, at least we still have some fun times ahead and many more memories to make! Like, next week Lindsey, the other girl from IU, and I head to Taiwan and The Philippines for 10 days for a self-proclaimed Spring Break! It’s a hard life I live here in HK, can’t ya tell?!


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