Excitement Back in the US

The past two weeks have been fairly quiet in HK. The girls and I have gone out a few times, but everyone has been so busy, myself included. We only have two weeks of classes left and with such a heavy focus on group projects here, the end of the semester is proving to be the busiest. I do have a few pieces of exciting news to report: First, I was elected President of Women In Business for the 2014-2015 school year! WIB is an organization that I am apart of back at IU  and it has been a dream of mine to lead it since freshman year. I received the news via email earlier this week and am already hitting the ground running, placing our members in their positions for next year. Next, I got my belly button pierced…yeah yeah, it’s very weird and Kyle hates it more than anything, but I was feeling rebellious. Also, I am sorry to my parents, who are probably finding out that I did this via blog post…I am sure it will be coming out in a few weeks. But, if this is the most rebellious thing I do in life, I think you did a pretty good job raising me. Finally, I am coming home in just under 3 weeks! My cousin, Brooke, is getting married in NYC so I will be coming back to the good ole USA for a week! I am so excited to get home to see my family, a few friends, and Kyle, but it is also hard to leave HK, even for just a week. It will be nice to be home and get reacquainted with my life back there, then come back to HK for 2 weeks. I feel like it will truly make me appreciate this semester and all that HK has to offer.

Looking ahead to next week, I am excited to meet my Dad and Step-Mom is Beijing for the weekend! We have lots planned for our trip and it will be great to see them!


2 thoughts on “Excitement Back in the US

  1. You REBEL!!!! Is it a skull and cross bones? Can belly rings be screws? Any tats you would like to confess? like ‘I love Kyle’ over your heart???? Oh to be young 🙂

  2. Loving all of your posts and pics. Mega congrats, Ms. WIB President! I also congratulate you on your belly ring. It is something I would do, and it will be a daily reminder of your entire Hong Kong/Asia experience. Brava!

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