Weekend Excursions

Yesterday a few of us took a ferry to Lamma Island. We hiked around and saw lots of local seafood restaurants. It’s a quiet island that doesn’t offer much, but the views were decent. About halfway through we discovered a small beach – it was heaven! Us girls sat in the sand sipping on beer watching the sunset, while the guys threw the rugby ball around. Two guys not in our program even started hitting on us…nice guys, but boy did we shoot them down quick! We then had dinner at a seafood restaurant, which wasn’t so great, but oh well. At least the views from the ferry ride home were pretty.

We returned to campus and decided to salvage the night by going to a rooftop bar. We took the MTR to the top of the Penninsula hotel, then hit the top of the Sheraton for breathtaking views of the skyline. We all had great cheeses, fruity cocktails and tons of girl talk. It was my most favorite night thus far with such a perfect view of the city and close friends.

Today a few of us went to the Ladies Market in Mong Kok. I spent about $150 US and got a pair of shoes and 3 knock-off purses and a wallet…success! It’s week 2 and my none of this will fit in my suitcase…awesome?! Tonight we’re heading out for dinner and a movie – should be fun! I am having such a great time abroad and it’s hard to believe I’ve been here only two weeks, we’ve done so much! There is still a ton to look forward to – like Vietnam in a week and a half with Mom and Fisher – can’t wait for what’s next!


Wine, Cheese, Grapes, Nuts and Lots of Flights!

The girls (Neila – Sweden, Hedvig – Sweden, Virginie – Canada, Clara – UK, Denize – Sweden, Maureen – The Netherlands, Lindsey – The US) and I are finally getting focused, but with wine and cheese, of course! We’re currently sitting in my floor’s common room attempting to book flights and hotels for the many trips we’d like to take this semester. On our list: Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Beijing, Macau, and Taiwan. We’re certainly ambitious, but we’re hoping to squeeze it all in – we’re already feeling pressed for time! The semester is going to fly by way to quickly and we can already feel it.

This week has been a blast! Monday we went to Billy Boozer’s, a local club that City U and surrounding university students visit. Then, Tuesday the girls and I went to Tequila Jack’s for delicious frozen margaritas and cheap tacos. Last night we went to the Happy Valley horse races, then out to the bars in Wan Chai for ladies nights. Thursday is usually dedicated to ladies night in LKF (Lan Kwai Fong – google it!), an area of town with bars that people just wander in and out of, along with Friday and Saturday nights. On Sunday we’re looking forward to a relaxing night of more wine and popcorn, while snuggling up watching Wolf Of Wall Street! Week 2 is definitely a success!

Oh and a quick update on the first week of school: it’s the equivalent of kindergarten…let’s just say it’s not something to worry about. I’m enrolled in Japanese Management, The Japanese Way of Tea, Team Leadership and Management, Data Management, and Supply Chain Management and Logistics Analysis…yahoo!  I have a group project in every course and my first team meeting consisted of babysitting, including showing my teammates pictures of my life at IU and them asking questions about my boyfriend and how we do long distance so well. The students here are incredibly nice and so friendly though! I feel lucky to be studying along side them, regardless of how easy the courses are. The projects shouldn’t be too hard and I have plenty of free time here, so I’m looking forward to taking advantage of all the things HK and this side of the world have to offer!

Day 5: Hiking

After a rough day of pampering yesterday (the girls and I ventured to Hong Kong Island for massages and manicures – all for $30!!), we decided to get active. Today was such a blast! I think the girls and I discovered heaven. Last night we had a fun night out at Red bar and LKF. Today was our first sunny day and we all wanted to enjoy it by hiking. We found a great trail and ventured out on the MTR, then the bus to get there. When we arrived we were amazed at how truly beautiful the views were! We climbed higher and higher and it just kept getting better. We were hiking through what seemed like a jungle and every so often we’d emerge and see the breathtaking views of the sea. These were the views that you dream about and see in movies. Who knew HK could offer so much – city life, great club scenes, amazing hiking trails, nice people, and beautiful scenery. Tonight we’re getting dressed up to go out to a fancy dinner at a yummy sushi restaurant on the island (complete with fruity cocktails, of course), then we’ll head out for another night on the town. Be sure to check out the “Pics on Pics on Pics” tab for more on my adventures.

I Want a Cool Accent, Too

Wow – I am so lucky to be spending an entire semester in this wonderful city! I have met so many amazing people from all over the world – The Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Sweden, Canada, etc. Surprisingly, being an American, I am a minority. I believe there are roughly 500 students studying abroad here at City U and I have met maybe five that are from the US, and that’s being generous. All of my new friends have such cool accents – can I have one too?!

The past few days have been a whirlwind of orientations, day trips, trying new food, and more! Today, we spend the day on Lantau Island. 45 of us boarded a bus and visited the Big Buddha and a local fish market on a river. It was all so peaceful and beautiful. The views were breathtaking. We also ate lunch at a local vegetarian restaurant – quite an experience. I love Chinese food, but I am already missing the substance American foods offer.

Tomorrow we have our final day of orientation. We have a traditional dim sum lunch at a local restaurant, followed by games with other exchange students. My biggest struggle thus far has been connecting to wi-fi (I still have yet to purchase a router because its somewhat far off campus) and going to sleep/waking up alone. My hall is very quiet since the locals are still home for break. My roommate and suitemates are also still at home. I am eager to meet them and for the hall to be filled with activity. Each morning I wake up excited to see my new friends. So far, I am loving HK! I can’t wait to tell you about my crazy weekend ahead – we already have nightclub plans…

Tata for now!


I cannot believe it – this is my last day at home before embarking on the great 16-hour flight to Hong Kong! I have so much to do and so little time, yet somehow I still manage to procrastinate…awesome…Regardless, here is a short list of things I’ve learned in the last week leading up to my time abroad:

  1. Packing is, and always will be, a bitch
  2. I have too much stuff, period
  3. I am really going to miss my family, friends, and boyfriend (who better come visit me or else he’ll feel the wrath :))
  4. It’s possible to be excited, anxious, nervous, sad, frustrated, and happy all at the same time

I cannot wait to see what awaits me when I finally touch down on the other side of the world! I’ll be sure to post tons of pictures and keep you all updated on my adventures 🙂 Until then, wish me luck and safe travels! Miss you all already!